Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff

In 2014, I started as chief of staff to the CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner. I knew nothing about the role but quickly dove in to learn everything I could. I wrote an article about the role a few months into my tenure, and over 300,000 folks have read it. In 2019 I published a free online course, which over 390K current and aspiring chiefs of staff have taken. I've spoken at conferences about the role and shared advice with hundreds of chiefs of staff, both aspiring and present. I try to help others every chance I get, and love hearing stories from people whose careers have been transformed as a result.

During my tenure at LinkedIn I was the guy who got things done. solved problems, and served others. Whether it was launching our quarterly business reviews, co-developing a commencement address, or leading the joint integration between LinkedIn and Microsoft, I'm proud not only of what I accomplished at LinkedIn, but how I did it too. LinkedIn's original motto was "relationships matter". I'm appreciating that more as time passes. I wouldn't be here without the people who took a chance on me, and that includes Jeff, who gave me this career-transforming opportunity and has coached me every step along the journey.

I receive a request to chat with an aspiring CoS, new CoS, or exec seeking to hire a CoS about five times a week. I wish I could say yes to everyone, but in the meanwhile please find resources below! Wishing you all the best on your journey.


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